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Lakers fall to Bucks 109-102

Los Angeles- The struggles continue for the Lakers.

With a huge match-up against the Milwaukee Bucks on Wednesday and the critics jumping on the criticism train as of late, the Lakers had their hands full. Once again the Lakers looked sloppy on both ends of the floor early on. Players were not rotating on the defensive front and let the Bucks take wide open shots. It seemed like the energy was not there until Talen Horton Tucker took over. THT scored six buckets by himself, had a couple of steals, and played top level defense to get the Lakers' back into the game. However the Bucks went on a 14-6 run to finish the half with a 64-53 lead.

In the second half, the Lakers went to a zone to neutralize the Bucks' offense. The zone worked a bit and stopped the Bucks from getting easy buckets. For a five minute stretch the Bucks did not score, which allowed the Lakers to go on a 12-6 run to cut the Bucks' lead to one at the end of the third. Down by six and needing a bucket late in the fourth,Carmelo Anthony could not connect on a contestant three. The Lakers had three cracks with cutting the Bucks' lead down, but the shots were not falling. LA went to drop another game with an entire buzz of what is going on with the Lakers.


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