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Who We Are

Newsstitched Media is half digital publication and half Public Relations firm. This magazine started in 2016 and has grown into something much bigger than what I or my team could have imagine. We named the publication Newsstitched Media because we are not just putting news out to the public, but we are using our resources to help other brands, organizations, and people excel to the next level.


News Stitched Media Services

We are committed with making your brand a successful one

We are committed to building a successful campaign with anyone that works with us. The services that we provide  areRwe provide are Content Develpoment, Content Partnerships, Strategy & Sponsorship,, Talent Alliances, and Events & Activations 


Newsstitched Media partners with companies of all sizes. From start-up companies to Fortune 100 brands, we will help and expand clients' success rate 


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Open Daily

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