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USWNT shocked by Canada 1-0

Tokyo- USWNT chances of Gold comes to an end, as Canada gets the win to play in the final.

After pulling out a thrilling victory over the Netherlands Friday, the USWNT advanced to the semifinals to play a tough Canada team. Prior to the match, a lot of people were questioning what USA team would come out. Would they be a patient team or will they push the pace of the game?

Compared to the last two games, Team USA controlled the pace of the game early on. They were more aggressive with getting into their offensive sets and had a couple of on goal shots that did not make it into the net. At the 20 minute mark, Team USA had a bit of a scare. Alyssa Naeher came down awkwardly on her left leg after stopping a cross kick by Canada. She was down on the ground for five minutes, caught her breath, and decided to stay in the game.

Three minutes later, Naeher decided to exit the game, which was a huge blow for Team USA. Adrianna French replaced Naeher and did a good job with little reps, keeping the ball out of the net for the remainder of the half. Both teams was knotted up at nil at the end of the break.

Team USA started the second half very passive unlike the first. However, they picked up the pace at the 52 mark. Team USA was pressing Canada very hard and Canada did not really have an answer with getting their offense started. Canada scored on a penalty kick at the 70 minute mark to go up 1-0 over Team USA.

Team USA did everything they could to get a goal late, but their hopes of Gold faded as time expired. They will play Thursday for a Bronze medal.

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