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  • Benjamin Gerstel

Shaun White going for Gold; Mikaela Shiffrin trying to make amends at the Winter Olympics

After advancing through the qualifying for the Halfpipe yesterday,Shaun White had an opportunity to go for gold during his fifth career Olympic appearance. The three-time Olympic gold-medalist is a legend within the sports world and will compete in his final olympic event ever, live on Peacock. “The Flying Tomato” is the all-time world record holder for the most X-games gold medals, was the first ever athlete to medal in both the summer and winter games, and is arguably the greatest snowboarder of all time. His career has been historic in every sense of the word, and he’ll have an opportunity for a glorious curtain call, with his fourth gold medal. White’s name is etched forever in the history books of the Olympics, no matter what happens tonight, and he is an icon that has inspired a new generation of snowboarders.

Mikaela Shiffrin, who has experienced plenty of trials and tribulations during this Olympics, also will go for gold tonight. On top of a stunning collapse during the women’s solemn (where she took multiple DNF’s), Shiffrin also has had a very public and rocky fewd, after an interview with NBC went wrong. Her post-race interview has been criticized as insensitive at the least, after publicizing such an emotional moment for her. It was her second disqualification of the Olympics so far, and she decided to decline any further interviews during the Olympics. In just a few hours, she’ll compete in the Super-G, which will give her a shot at redemption.

Hopefully the legendary, two-time gold medalist can get back on her feet because as we have seen in her career, she is clearly better than this. On top of winning the World Cup three times, Shiffrin is a four-time solemn champion, showing her dominance in this sport. She’ll have another opportunity to further-decorate her career tonight, as she goes for her third gold medal in the Super-G. Both White and Shiffrin will compete during primetime coverage, tonight at 8:00.

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