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Sue Bird and Diana Taurasi break history winning Gold in Tokyo

Tokyo- Sue Bird and Diana Taurasi win their fifth Olympic medial defeating Japan 90-75.

Prior to the Gold medal game against Japan, there was a lot of chatter and a lot of pressure on Sue Bird and Diana Taurasi to win Gold. If Team USA won Gold, both players would have won five Olympic Gold medals, which would break Olympic basketball history. No male or woman athlete has ever done that in USA basketball history.

The game started out very well for Team USA. Bird swished a mid range shot to start a 10-2 run early on against Japan. Team USA made it very hard for Japan to get in any type of rhythm until late in the quarter. Despite having a comfortable lead, Team USA was sloppy with the ball. They had four turnovers in two minutes, which helped Japan get some type of offense going. Team USA finished the quarter with a nine point lead.

Team USA struggled to hit their outside shots in the second, so they decided to bang in the paint. Aja Wilson and Breanna Stewart hit a couple much needed shots to keep Team USA in the lead. No matter how many times the U.S. scored, Japan came right back and answered the call. Within three minutes left in the half, Team USA went on a 12-3 run to break the game wide up for themselves. Team USA went on to have a comfortable 50-39 lead at the half.

Team USA went into Hulk mode in the second have and took it to Japan. Japan had no answer for Team USA's bigs and Team USA punished them. It was just too easy for the U.S. because they were just either using a high screen and roll or pick and roll to get whatever looks that they wanted. Team USA went on to win their seventh consecutive Gold medal.


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