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Tokyo Olympic Relay may be in big trouble

Tokyo- On Thursday, mayor of the city of Osaka voiced his opinion about the Tokyo Olympic Relay and they should cancel their run through Osaka, because COVID-19 cases may increase.

For the last six months, many people have wondered why the Olympics are not being postponed again and fear that COVID-19 cases may rise. Last week, the Olympic Relay started and it seemed like their was a sigh of relief and optimistic with the Olympic committee, citizens, and government officials.

However, Osaka Mayor Ichiro Matsui did not like the idea of the Tokyo Olympic Relay because it could cause large crowds to gather to watch the runners run with the torch. “When I watch the torch relay elsewhere in Japan, people tend to gather and those places get crowded," Osaka Mayor Ichiro Matsui said Thursday. "It’s very unfortunate but I think we should call it off.”

The decision will be made in the upcoming weeks. If the relay is canceled through Osaka, it will create a domino affect for the runners, as well as the athletes involved in the games. As of right now, the relay supposed to end at the start of the Opening Ceremony July 23.

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