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  • Tarrian Rodgers

The Rheins continue as Wrestlemania weekend concludes

Wrestlemania 2023 is officially in the books! After a stellar first night WWE looked to recapture some of its night one magic. As far as the genuine business is concerned this was the most successful Wrestlemania in history doing astronomical numbers in both gate and at home viewership. As far as the night two performances, some match results did leave fans scratching their heads as the feelings from night one wasn’t carried over from the big night one.

The most controversial finish was the main event which put Roman Rheins against Cody Rhodes. Many expected Rhodes to finally finish his story and defeat the dominant champion, but Reigns endured as he neared 1,000 days as universal champion and one complete year as WWE champion. Reigns ruined the dream that many fans had in seeing Rhodes victorious. Rhodes who is the beloved son of the late Dusty Rhodes who in his days never captured world championship gold. His son recently returned to WWE as a new man at last year's WrestleMania and won the 2023 Royal Rumble. The speculation as into why this happened was much discussed. The biggest narrative facing this decision is with the recent Endeavor sale the new owners may want a familiar face carrying the torch as champion. The other narrative that exists is this decision was all on Vince McMahon. Whatever the reason fans were left unhappy seeing the long Roman Rheins title run continue.

Another questionable decision on the night was the impromptu booking of Shane McMahon. Snoop Dogg seemed to save a cringeworthy segment between The Miz vs Shane McMahon. McMahon attempted a springboard jump pulled up lame and reports indicated McMahon tore his quad. The legendary rapper clocked Miz with two right hands, did his best Dwayne "The Rock" Impression with a People's Elbow and scored the pinfall. Snoop did a great job improvising on a weird segment.

However, the night wasn’t all bad there were other great performances. Match of the night was the triple threat match between Sheamus, Guenther and Drew McIntyre. This was a contender for match of the weekend. The performers did a masterful job of telling a story of friction and feelings of betrayal between Sheamus and McIntyre. Gunther continued to look like a future star that the company could build around. This was nothing short of phenomenal.

Raw women’s champion Bianca Belaire also had an amazing match between her foe Asuka. Perhaps the performer of the night wasn’t even in the match. Belaire’s entrance included a young local inner city dance team. The young lady who had the solo dance performance with the champion had gotten the call before the show that her mother passed away. Even with the heartbreaking news the young lady had a game changing performance that help boost Belaire which was a great match,

Other matches on the card included the Hell in the Cell match between Edge and The Demon Finn Balor. The match was back and forth but there was a spot in the match where Balor needed to get staples in his skull which cut the match a bit short after a ladder viciously hit him in the face. The match fit the feud. It has been very hot and cold at times and this strong performance should spell the end of it.

Speaking of hot and cold that described the opening match between Brock Lesnar vs Omos it was a test of strengths from both men. However, Lesnar ended the match with a F5.

In closing Wrestlemania weekend was very successful and it sets the stage for an even busier year going forward for WWE. The next show is set for Puerto Rico in a stadium. WWE has multiple stadium shows set for this year and if those shows are anything like Wrestlemania fans have a lot more to look forward to.

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