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Tennis Match paused in uncanny fashion

New York- During the Australian Open qualifying, a match between Denis Kudla and Moroccan Elliot Benchetrit was stopped, because Kudla was notified that he tested positive for COVID-19.

Kudla's COVID- test came through when Kudla and Benchetrit was deep in their second set. Prior to the announcement, Kudla was up a set against Benchetrit. However, after officials told him that he tested positive, his focused was off. Kudla lost the match and was very irate with the outcome.

“At 5-3, they got the result. So to sum up: if I’d won that game at 5-3 to make it 5-4, I’d have qualified for the second round,” said Kudla. Either way, Kudla would not advance to the next round, because he would have to quarantine for 10 days.

Benchetrit had to say this about the outcome. “The concept of a test is to have the information up front, to not put the linespeople, the opponent or, quite simply, everyone the person might meet before or after their match, in danger,” he said.

“There also are lucky losers who are waiting for a forfeit to be able to play, who travelled there for nothing. The draw is compromised; there will be a player in the third round of qualifications having played just one match. That’s also the problem.”

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