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Simone Biles captures Bronze in beam finals

Tokyo- Simone Biles leaves the Olympics with some hardware.

After taking a mental break from Olympic events, Simone Biles decided that she was ready to compete on the beam to close out the final day of individual finals. Biles did a great job and looked like she never left. Biles scored 14.000 for her routine.and ended up cashing in on a bronze medal.

"I'm pretty happy. I wasn't expecting to medal. I just came out here and tried to do a good beam set," Biles said at a press conference after the beam final. "Just to have one more opportunity to compete at the Olympics means the world to me. I just was trying to go out there and hit a good beam set and compete one more time at these Olympic Games because I qualified for all five finals but then I pulled out," Biles shared. "It sucked but I was excited to be in the stands and cheering for all of Team USA."

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