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Should the Clippers panic just yet

The Los Angeles Clippers are sliding down that slippery slope of hitting that panic button with only 20 games left in the season. They remain in the sixth seed in the West, but could slide down to a play-in game, if they can not get wins down the stretch.

All season long, everyone has heard how deep the Clippers are, but yet they have struggled to score points when it matters. Paul George and Kawhi Leonard has been a spark that keeps the train going in the first three quarters of games, but at times disappears in the fourth. Last week, the Clippers got Russell Westbrook in a trade with Utah, but since the trade, the Clippers are 0-2 with him starting.

The blame shouldn't go on Westbrook, because he is fairly new to the system, but turnovers have killed possessions . They are ranked in the top 12 of turning the ball over. In order for them to be in a safe and secure seed, they need to be efficient with playing their game. The Clippers' game is mid-range shots and beating opponents up in the paint. LA has gotten away from who they are and now are on a three-game slide. With seeding up in the air, LA needs to find a way to get back to who they are and that starts with their superstars. We all know that PG 13 can get R-rated anytime he wants to and the Claw is one of the best two way players, but someone else has to step it up or they will find themselves playing in a win or go home game in the play in.

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