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NBA ALL Star 2021 Recap

As we finally wrap up this year's NBA All-Star Weekend, we will take with us some of the most entertaining and highly unforgettable moments to go with it. This NBA All-Star weekend surely did not disappoint. The apexes of this weekend were definitely the Three-Point Shootout and certain players performances during the NBA All-Star Game.

The Three-Point Shootout started relatively slow but picked up a lot of steam when the last three participants of the contest shot. As expected, Stephen Curry stole the show with his outrageous shooting ability. Stephen Curry posted an absurd thirty-one points in the first round, followed closely behind with twenty-eight first-round points by Mike Conley. The final round came down to a face-off between Curry and Conley going shot for shot. Stephen Curry edged out Mike Conely with his last shot, putting his score over Conley’s by one point.

Yet another moment to add to the list of reasons why Stephen Curry is the one of, if not the best pure shooter in the NBA today. However, he wasn't the only one getting started for the night. Domantas Sabonis represented the big men in the NBA during the Skills Challenge as he prevailed, beating fellow big man Nikola Vucevic in the final round. Sabonis came into this year with full intentions to redeem himself from last year's NBA Skills Challenge where he placed second.

The most underwhelming event during NBA All-Star Weekend was the Slam Dunk Contest. The NBA Slam Dunk Contest was performed during halftime of the All-Star Game, which took a lot of focus away from the event that is normally hosted the night before the All-Star Game. The participants and judges also under performed as many fans and spectators felt that the event could have been left out due to its lackluster impact on the night.

The stars of NBA All-Star night to most fans were Stephen Curry, Giannis Antetokounmpo, and Damian Lillard. Curry and Lillard put on a shooting exhibition NBA fans have never seen. They both pulled up from half-court as if they were shooting free throws. Antetokounmpo stole the show as he went sixteen for sixteen in the game and walked away with the All-Star Game MVP.

The NBA did the best they could to put on a show for the NBA fans but there were too many unfortunate situations that led to an underwhelming feel during these NBA All-Star festivities. Injuries of favored players and Covid-19 played the biggest factor in why this event did not live up to the hype.

Many fans felt that they should have done away with the NBA All-Star events this year, given the circumstances everyone had to go through. Nevertheless, the show had to go on, possibly at a high price as the risk factor for Covid in ATL heightened due to the gatherings surrounding this weekend but I guess we'll have to wait to see its effects in the coming weeks.


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