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  • Eric Martinez

Miracles For Kids delivers Spring Baskets for a cause

When a family is brought down by the devastation of a critically ill child, Miracles for Kids, is there to pick them back up. Bills, work, and the pressures of life don’t stop when a child receives a devastating health diagnosis. The Miracles for Kids annual “Spring Basket of Miracles” was held in Irvine, CA on April 2nd, 2022. Over 100 people attended and volunteered for the event from all across Southern California. Each person was there to help pack Easter baskets for children that are critically ill.

The community event was put together by the non-profit organization Miracles for Kids in Irvine, CA. Every family and child that has been diagnosed and affected confirms the mission of the organization by creating opportunities to “be the miracle” and help in any way possible. The day concluded with Orange County Sheriff’s Department volunteering to deliver these “Spring Baskets of Miracles” to each household and hospitals of the children that are ill. This event is just one way that Miracles for Kids helps to provide for these families, delivering household and hygiene items, in addition to delivering Easter joy and treats for the kids.

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