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Leslie Odom Jr., H.E.R, and Celeste are competing for the best performance during Pre Oscars

Los Angeles- The producers of the Oscars are doing something different with the performances this year.

Leslie Odom Jr., H.E.R, and Celeste are nominated for their songs in nominated films, however the producers thought it would be a great idea if they preformed it during the Pre-Oscars. The performances will be pre-recorded.

With going into the Oscars, the producers had stated from day one that it was going to have a "Movie" type of theme and viewers will enjoy the creative mindset of this years' Oscars. Since the global pandemic has halted larger crowds, the producers of the Oscars have decided to make the event smaller and intimate. It has been also stated that people who passed clearance do not have to wear face coverings when the cameras start rolling.

The Oscars will broadcast live April 25 at 8 PM, ET

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