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LeBron drops 46 points in an edgy win over Cleveland, 115-108

Los Angeles- LeBron James is the first Laker to score over 45 points since Kobe Bryant's last game in 2016 where he score 60 points.

James decided that he was going to make an example out of the Cavaliers and just took over the game at will. From hitting jumpers off of one foot, driving to the hoop and dishing it out to the open shooter, or bullying Cleveland's smaller defender; James was not playing around.

Up by one, midway in the fourth, James hit a parking lot three to give the Lakers a four-point lead. After that shot, the Lakers went on a 12-6 run to give themselves some breathing room. James put the finishing touches on the game when he hit another three, to shut the door on a Cavs' comeback. James finished with 46 points, 6 assists, and 8 rebounds.

James was inspired by a Cavs' executive after he missed a free throw early in the first half. James took it personal and had this to say after the game about it. “I felt he was a little too excited about seeing me miss,” James said after the game. “I knew I had another quarter and the fourth quarter is my favorite. It’s a good thing for him I only come here once.”


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