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Dua Lipa starts music tour next year

New York- On Monday, it was announced that the pop singer Dua Lipa will start touring next year in February.

Since the global pandemic happened last year, many artists had to opt out of touring and had to be patient with getting back to normalcy. After a dark period for everyone around the globe, the light has shined just a bit with a roll out of vaccines to cut down the virus's strength. With masks requirements and millions around the world being vaccinated, Lipa had felt like it was time to get her tour up and rolling.

Lipa is very excited about the tour and having fans back in the stands. “I’m so thrilled to tour again and see my angels in person! How amazing that we all get to dance and celebrate together once again,” says Dua. “When I was writing Future Nostalgia, I imagined the songs being played in clubs on nights out with your mates. I’m so excited that this fantasy is finally coming true. I can’t wait to experience these songs with you together live!”

Tickets for the tour will go on sale Sept. 17

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