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Coco Gauff stuns Maria Sakkari 6-1, 1-6, 6-1

New York- Young tennis sensation Coco Gauff rose to the challenge and stunned NO:17 Maria Shakkari.

Gauff came into the match with loads of confidence. She wanted to dictate the match and that was what she did. In the first set, Gauff got her forehand going, which stunned Sakkari, as well as let the game come to her. Gauff was winning her first serves around 50% and did not have many unforced errors. She dominated the set, 6-1.

Despite an almost perfect first set, Gauff struggled in the second set. Her percentages on the first serve was down and Sakkari started to put some games together with some amazing crossshots that Gauff could not get to. Gauff ended up losing the second set 1-6.

Something snapped in Gauff in the third and final set. She was not so light on her feet and was very aggressive with going after shots. Gauff turned it up and won 68% of her first serves. When it was all said and done, Gauff not only stunned Sakkari, but won the third set in convincing fashion 6-1.

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