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  • Cade Morehouse

Yankees adds Randy Vasquez to their roster

The New York Yankees have one of the top 15 farm systems in all of baseball, which is pretty good for their future. They have four prospects in the MLB's top 100 list. The Yankees have a lot of bright future stars in the making that they can use in the future and develop or trade for bigger pieces to keep adding to a potential championship roster.

That brings me to the latest addition to the roster, Randy Vasquez, who is the 9th-ranked prospect in the Yankees farm system. Vasquez, who was signed as an undrafted free agent in 2018, has some great stuff, but his best pitch is his electric curveball. Vasquez took the mound 25 times in AA for the Yankees organization and went 2-7 with a 3.90 ERA, giving up 11 HR and striking out 120 while walking 41 batters. He’s had 4 years with the Yankees organization and has posted a career record of 15-13 with a career ERA of 3.10 in 64 career starts.

Vasquez could be a key piece for this Yankees ball club if he can put it all together and have good command at the big-league level. The Yankees need pitching, and he can certainly be the missing piece if he can learn to stay composed and pitch at the big-league level. There are a lot of bright stars in the minors who have so much talent and go on to put up big numbers at the minor league level, but none of that means anything if you can’t do it at the big-league level. The major league level is certainly much different from the minors. Vasquez has some great potential and some great stuff and can be a force at the pro level if he continues to keep a good attitude and develop his game more than he already has. Welcome to the big leagues, kid! Your dreams just came true!

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