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Ping Pong
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Wizards could not find the magic touch to get the win over the Celtics in the first play in 118-100

Washington, DC- Despite Russell Westbrook and Bradley Beal combining for 42 points the Wizards had trouble stopping Jayson Tatum in a 118-100 loss.

Westbrook and the Wizards could not get their offense rolling in the first half. They struggled to make wide open shots and turned the ball over quite a few times. It seemed like some of the Wizards' guards was nervous, because they were playing for a secure playoff spot in the play-ins. Washington kept the half close and cut Boston's double digit lead before the half.

However, J "Smooth" Tatum was the Wizards' Voldemort. The Wizards tried everything in their power to stop Tatum, but he was on fire. Washington simply had no answer for J.T. as he put his team on his back in the second half. J.T. finished the night with a 50 point game.

Even though the Wizards had problems with stopping the Celtics on the offensive side of the ball, they did not give up. They kept fighting even when the game was over mid-way in the fourth. After it was all said and done, the Wizards showed the world that they had heart and was willing to compete, despite all of the obstacles against them.

Washington will face the Indiana Pacers for the eighth and final spot in the play-in on Thursday.

Westbrook finished with 20 points, 5 assists, and 14 rebounds

Beal finished with 22 points, 6 assists, and 9 rebounds

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