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Vince Carter, Kara Lawson, and Candace Parker will join the USA Basketball team broadcast

Tokyo- NBC Sports just announced Vince Carter, Kara Lawson, and Candace Parker will be joining the USA Basketball broadcasting team during the Olympic Games.

The Olympic games will begin July 23 in Tokyo, despite the risk of a COVId-19 spread.Carter, Lawson, and Parker who played pro basketball in their careers will be broadcasting live in Tokyo. They are pretty excited about the opportunity and NBC sports executive Rebecca Chatman had this to say about it.

“We are excited to have this distinguished trio of U.S. Olympic basketball stars join our commentary team in Tokyo. Vince, Kara and Candace will bring viewers their unique perspectives on what’s happening on the court while also telling the stories about what it takes to make it to the medal stand – from tryouts, to practices and qualifying, to medal-round play,” said Rebecca Chatman, Vice President and Coordinating Producer of NBC Olympics production.

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