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Tyson Fury gets a TKO victory in the sixth round over Dillian Whyte

Updated: Apr 24, 2022

After getting a TKO victory over Deontay Wilder in their trilogy fight, Tyson Fury wanted to sight his eyes on Anthony Joshua for a title match, but that did not happen. Joshua lost his belt to Oleksandr Usyk in a shocking way. Usyk dominated the entire fight. Since that fight did not happen, Fury decided to take on Dillian Whyte in a potential last fight of his career.

Leading up to the match, a lot of people felt like Fury was going to be the winner in a tight battle, but if Whyte could throw more jabs and be the aggressor, some felt like he could pull off the upset. After having a 30 mini- concert walk out by both opponents, the fight got under way.

Coming out the gate, Whyte shocked Fury by going into a south paw stance in the first round. Fury adjusted throughout the round and started teeing off with some body shots. The body shots didn't do much , but kept Whyte conservative with being the aggressor. The second through the fourth round, the Gypsy King started to command control of the ring. Each time Whyte attempted to throw an inside punch, Fury would make him pay. Towards the end of the fourth, things got a little heated towards the end of the fourth with both Fury and Whyte throwing punches in the back of the head. Both fighters responded in an aggressive way, to the point the ref had to tell both of them to listen to his command.

In the sixth round, Fury hit Whyte with a sharp right uppercut to end Whyte's night.

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