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The Warriors did not bring their brooms to Dallas and did not sweep the series

San Francisco-Golden State could not seal the deal against Dallas and will be heading home for a Game 5, 119-109.

Before the start of the playoffs, a lot of people stated that the Golden state Warriors had a good chance of returning to the NBA Finals, because they are very deep with their bench production. They were right. Golden State has had different players that have stepped up when called upon in the playoffs. With a chance to return to the grand stage, all they had to do was win tonight's game and send the Mavericks home with a broom.

Andrew Wiggins and Stephen Curry continued their aggressive nature they established in this series early on. Instead of passing up shots, they would take one dribble and shoot it in rhythm.If they were doubled, they would dish out the right pass to get their teammates open looks to the basket. Golden State's zone was not working on the Mavs in the second quarter. Dallas took advantage of the lack of a center in the middle of the lane and went on a 16-2 run to extend their lead to double digits at the end of the half.. Once again the Warriors needed another third quarter spark to get back in the game.

After a delay because there was a leak in the roof, the game restarted with the Warriors hoping to get their third quarter "swag" back. For the first in the series, the Warriors struggled to get anything going in the second half. What Golden State has done to the Mavs in three games, the Mavs did in a game they needed the most. From hitting 55% from behind the arc to taking advantage of the Warriors zone, Dallas did what they needed to do to extend the series.

Curry finished with 20 points, 8 assists, and 5 rebounds.


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