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Can the Wizards bring some magic in free agency

The Washington Wizards started this season with the intention of helping their young, rebuilding roster create a winning culture. Most teams that have consistent success at least have two superstars on their team, which is why the Wizards resigned forward Kyle Kuzma to a 102 million-dollar deal this past offseason. The biggest offseason move for Washington was making a trade with the Golden State Warriors, which landed them guard Jordan Poole. The six-foot-four guard played with an electric style that was flashy and offensively explosive.

Washington assumed that both Poole and Kuzma would both be entering their prime and could possibly help lift the struggling Wizards franchise from the bottom of the league. Most people around the NBA predicted that Washington would be bad, but they also expected great play from the newly acquired Poole, but unfortunately, he has yet to prove that he’s capable of leading a team at all. Poole's great offensive display in Golden State had everyone wondering what he would do when he had the green light in Washington. So far, the answer is nothing much, as he averages less than 20 points per game and hasn’t quite been a leader on the floor. Although both Kuzma and Poole have shown that they have the ability to produce, it just hasn’t been consistent enough.

With 20 games remaining, the Wizards are sitting at the bottom of the league with only 11 wins, but they will most likely have over $20 million in cap space this summer. Players like Paul George, James Harden, DeMar DeRozan, and a long list of other potential targets on the market, the sky is the limit for this young squad. Washington will most likely be on the lookout for their future head coach as well, since Wes Unseld Jr. decided to step down during this season.

This summer will certainly be interesting for Wizards fans, as they can expect plenty of fireworks to help this roster. One key player to keep an eye on is Kuzma, who is a strong piece in the trade market for Washington. This summer can be a franchise-defining offseason for Washington, as they will have some of the best odds to win the first overall pick in this upcoming lottery, but we will all see if the front office will make the right decisions to help this team get on the right track.

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