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Lakers rolls past OKC 116-104

The Lakers had five players in double figures, which helped them defeat OKC 116-104.

Coming into this game, the Lakers were hanging onto the tenth seed and needed to pull out some victories to chase down the sixth seed with less than a quarter of games left in the regular season. Once again, LeBron James led the charge with his defense, which trickled down to other players like D-Lo, and Anthony Davis.

Ice cold D-Lo decided he wanted a sip of the fountain of youth and went into "Hulk" mode in the second half. It seemed like he was peeved off and decided to take it out on the rim. From hitting corner threes to taking candy from OKC in the painted area, D Lo was getting the shots that he wanted. He finished the game with 26 points. Davis looked like his MVP days and collaborated with 24 points and 12 rebounds.

This may seem like a huge victory for the Lakers, but they know that they cannot let off the gas if they are trying to build momentum, heading into the playoffs. With the win over OKC, they leap frogged over the Warriors for 9th seed and are only three games out of sixth seed.

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