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The 2021 Super Bowl Champions comes out flat during opening night of the NFL season

LA- Turnovers killed the Rams in a blowout loss to the Bills, 31-10.

After the long-awaited season for the NFL to start, fans got their wish as the season opened up with the Buffalo Bills squaring off against the 2021 Super Bowl Champs in the Los Angeles Rams. Coming into the game, everyone knew or thought they knew that this game was going to be offensive chess match type of game between the two teams. The Rams found themselves down a score, after Josh Allen marched his team down the field on their opening drive, making a statement to the Ram's defense, that they too can score at will.

Los Angeles's offense was trying to find some type of productivity the rest of the first half. The Rams blew two turnovers with great field position that their defense earned. The first turnover was an interception that led to a three and out and the fumble that they recovered went right back to the Bills, after Matthew Stafford threw his first interception of the season. With five minutes left in the half, Sean McVay decided to go for it on a fourth and two and converted the down. The gamble paid off, as the Rams finally got on the scoreboard with a touchdown a couple plays later to cut the Bills' lead to three, 10-7. Momentum started to shift to the Rams' sideline, as LA got their third turnover in the half, which put them in great field position to potentially get some points before the break. Matt Gay punched a 57-yard field goal home to tie the game up at 10 at the break.

Once again, the Rams had to fight themselves out of a hole in the second half. Stafford had a few shots down the field on first downs, but second and three downs, the play calling was a little conservative and not the norm for an explosive offense. After Stafford threw his second interception early in the fourth, the Bills closed the coffin on any type of comeback with an Allen to Steffon Diggs touchdown to run away with the game.

Stafford finished 29 out of 41 for 240 yards, 1 touchdown, and three interceptions

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