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  • Anthony Morrow

Terence Crawford continues his dominance in the ring

BLK Prime kicked off tonight's event headlined by Terence “Bud” Crawford vs David Avanesyan with a great prelim card featuring prospects looking to make a statement tonight at the Chi Health Center in Omaha Nebraska. The 5-fight preliminary was headlined by a local young rising star Edel Gomez who ended the fight with a TKO win over Joseph Aguilar. BLK Prime has turned a star-studded event so far with the telecast and analyst featuring former champions Paulie Malinaggi, Zab Judah, Antonio Tarver, and more.

BLK Prime's biggest event starts and ends with Omaha Nebraska fighters, Steven Nelson with a KO win set the tone for the evening as Crawford entered the arena. In a 6 round heavyweight bout Jeremiah Milton outpointed a counter puncher that outweighed him by 100lbs in Dajuan Calloway, Milton now 8-0 is looking forward to 2023 and showing he’s a true contender. Adrien Broner with a guest appearance has Crawford winning by 3rd round KO and gives David Avanesyan a very small chance of pulling off the upset.

Middle of the card featured a 10 round featherweight battle perhaps the ring needed a break after holding up 500 plus pounds as Arnold Khegai of Ukrain takes on Eduardo Baez in a dogfight making referee involved more than fans would like to see. Baez the taller fighter consistently dropped his head at the shorter Khegai waistline throwing wild overhand punches, nonetheless Khegai overcame multiple warnings from the referee and an unorthodox gameplan from a taller fighter.

Former MMA star Cristiane “Cyborg” Venancio was victorious in her pro boxing debut against Gabrielle Holloway, its unknown what her goals are for the sport of boxing at this time, but Cyborg has certainly earned some respect and could be a problem if she decides to commit to the sport.

It's main event time and I admit I’m doing some serious multi-tasking here as Teofimo Lopez is headlining on ESPN relatively at the same time as round 3 ends and round 1 of Crawford/Avenysan starts. As I'm adjusting to the Lopez knockdown, what a fan could only hope for is a competitive effort and Avanesyan did not disappoint. Avenesyan was landing the left hand and using a high guard to work himself inside and found success. Crawford began to impose his will around the 3rd round occupying Avanesyan with active hands and creating openings to land his own counters. Going into the 6th round even though Crawford was up on the score cards the complexion of the fight didn’t resemble the dominant performance expected, even after winning 3 or 4 straight rounds. With :49 left in the 6th round Crawford erupts with left uppercut right cross combination sending Avanesyan to the canvas and the fight was waved off by the referee as Avanesyan could not continue. The overall event was a success as the way it started was the way it ended with a KO victory for a fighter from Omaha.

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