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Sue Bird is excited to be playing basketball again

Seattle- Future WNBA Hall of Famer Sue Bird is excited to be back playing basketball this season after sitting out a year with a knee injury. Bird looks to be 100% healthy and is excited for the start of the 2020 season. "I was highly motivated to play." When asked about her decision to play this season in the bubble format, Bird felt like if she didn't play this year, she might have retired.

It has been a weird start to the season without fans and Bird talked a little about how the WNBA may try to implicate some type of creative way to bring some type of noise in the arena during a virtual press conference.

Bird is focused on getting her team back into postseason play and she explained that having all these women around her and a coach that believes in them, they could go be that 2018 Championship team that won the title. They have all their players healthy and each of the players feel like they have something to prove.

Check out some of the clips in the virtual press conference that happened today!

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