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Steph Curry serving up history in a victory over the Denver Nuggets 116-107

Los Angeles- Steph Curry added 53 points, as well as broke Wilt Chamberlain record in a Warriors victory over the Nuggets.

Curry led his team with 53 points in a shocking victory over the Denver Nuggets. GSW shot around 48% from the field and lit it up behind the arc, shooting close to 40%. They played the Nuggets tough and did not allow the Nuggets to control the pace of the game.

With a lay-up in the second half, Curry became the Warriors' all-time scoring leader with 17,818 points and counting. This is what Curry had to say after breaking the milestone. "It's crazy ... any time you hear his name, it's kind of daunting because you know his records are so hard -- some of them are even impossible to eclipse," said Curry. "To be anywhere near him in any record book and to now be on top it's surreal and it's wild."

With a victory over the Nuggets, Golden State is still in the hunt for securing a potential play in spot in the unique playoff format.

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