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Chicago selects Caleb Williams as the NO:1 overall pick

The NFL season has officially started as the NFL Draft started today. Right before the first pick was announced, there was many speculations that Caleb Willliams was going to get picked up by the Chicago Bears. Chicago decided to send Justin Fields to the Steelers, so they needed a quarterback that could be a potential franchise QB. After going 7-10, the Bears are in their rebuilding phase and picked up some players in free agency.

After it was all said and done, Williams was selected by the Bears as the overall NO:1 draft pick. Williams had a lot of praise for his arm strength and the way he can manipulate the defense. A lot of people compared him to future Hall of Famer Patrick Mahomes. The only flaw that a lot of sports analysts were concerned with was how he tends to turn the ball over frequently. However, the Bears have their QB and so it will be interesting to see how Williams will fare in his rookie season.

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