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  • Tiffany Rigby

Slowly more women of color are getting opportunities in tennis

The tennis world has been shaken up with more diversity. For the longest time tennis has been one of those sports which barely had any African American players, but over the years there have been more phenomenal women who have taken the tennis world by storm. Serena and Venus Williams have been representation for black women on the tennis court and their devotion to their craft has uplifted and inspire more women of color to play the sport. Here are other women of color that represents tennis.

Sloane Stephens

Sloane comes from an athletic background so she is no stranger to hard work. She began her career at a young age and has won six WTA singles titles in total.

Coco Gauff

This new youngster on the scene made her debut in the women’s circuit in 2018 but began her career in 2016. Coco is the youngest player ranked in the top 100 by the Women’s Tennis Association.

Naomi Osaka

The Japanese-Haitian star is ranked No.2 by the Women's Tennis Association. She is a four-time Grand Slam singles champion, and is the reigning champion at the US Open and the Australian Open.

Taylor Townsend

Townsend began playing at the age of 6 but made her professional debut in 2010 at age 14. In 2012 she became the second American to win the Australian Open junior tournament.

According to USA Today, 12 black women makeup 37.5% of the 32 US women singles or 9.4% of the overall 128 women. Tennis is slowly becoming more diverse and these ladies are making waves with their tennis rackets.

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