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Serena Williams will be playing in the Australian Open

New York- Iconic tennis superstar Serena Williams has decided to test herself and play in the Australian Open.

Williams is coming off an Achilles injury that occurred during her run at the US Open last season and has decided that she was going to play in this tournament, because the tournament was pushed back, due to the pandemic. Since the tournament was pushed back, Williams had more time to heal from her injury.

“I couldn't practice because of my achilles. I needed every time - I don’t think I would have been here if it was during the regular season,” Williams said. “So whew, that was an unwanted blessing, I would say. It was much needed for me. I definitely took that time to recover and to just do the best that I can and, yeah, so now it's a lot better."

“Achilles are like the worst thing, honestly. Oh my goodness, I didn't realize it would be this long.

“So I definitely was pushing the limits, but I'm here.”

Williams is looking to tie with Margaret Court's 24th major this season and is very excited about the challenge. “I definitely get a lot of the same drive," said Williams.

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