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Serena Williams advances to the semifinals to play Naomi Osaka at the Australian Open

New York- Serena Williams defeats Simona Halep to advance to the semifinals 6-3, 6-3.

Serena Williams had a good start in the first set. She played great defense against Halep and made her flustered early in the set. Williams dropped a couple of games, which helped Halep regain her confidence. After breaking, Williams finished off Halep 6-3 to take the set.

Williams dominated the second set by winning her first serves. She had a couple of aces and her her forehand to keep Halep at bay. Williams went on to finish off Halep 6-3. After the match, she talked about the tournament and how she was playing."I definitely think this is the best match I've played this tournament for sure," Williams said.

Williams will have to go through #3 Naomi Osaka to get to the finals. Both players had to overcome adversity in this tournament and prevailed. So it should be a great match for viewers to see and enjoy.


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