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Scotty Pipen Jr. Shines Despite the Lakers' Dropping their First Summer League Game

Los Angeles- Scotty Pipen Jr. scores 19 points in Summer League opner.

After having a disappointing season, the Lakers decided to get themselves a new head coach and some players that had the potential to grow within the organization. On Friday, the Lakers opened their first Summer League game against the Phoenix Suns, which showed a little promise to Laker Nation.

The pace for both teams were very intense and tight at the start of the game, which turned into a turnover feast for the Lakers, as they grabbed six steals in the first quarter. Despite their impressive play on the defensive side of the ball, they were freezing offensive. LA was shooting around 40% from the field at the start of the second quarter and could not get easy buckets to go in until Paris Bass started taking over. Bass is known to be a sneaky and streaky player that can heat up the stove in seconds and he did just that. Bass hit a couple of mid-range jumpers and laced a couple of threes to keep the Lakers attentive and within striking distance of taking the lead.

Within the last three minutes of the half, Scotty Pippen Jr. started making fans get out of their seats with some amazing finishes he put together. He finished the half with 15 points, while the Lakers cut into the Suns' lead at the end of break, 48-42.

After going into the locker room with a little confidence, the Lakers; swag disappeared in the second half. It went from a six point deficit to a 16 point hole midway in the third quarter. Turnovers and a lack of urgency hurt the Lakers the rest of the way and they went on to lose 104-84

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