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Schedule for qualifying FIBA 3x3 Olympic basketball teams

Colorado Springs- FIBA has announced that the qualifying tournament for the women's and men's basketball team will start May 27.

Both U.S. basketball teams will start their tournament on May 27. The women will start a little bit earlier than the men. They will start their tournament at 5:15 AM against Indonesia and after play with Indonesia, they will go against Germany at 7:20 AM.

The men will open up their tournament against Lithuania at 8:10 a.m. and South Korea at 9:50 a.m. Both tournaments will close down pool play May 29.

For both the men’s and women’s tournament, the top two finishing teams from each preliminary round pool will advance to the quarterfinals on May 30; the quarterfinal winners will advance to the semifinals. The three Olympic berths for each gender will go to the two semifinal winning teams and the third-place finisher.

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