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Rules for athletes participating in the Olympic games

Tokyo- The IOC has stated plenty of times that athletes who were going to participate in the Olympic games were going to be safe and protect from a potential COVID-19 spread.

With the IOC moving forward with the Olympics, there have been more stricter rules and regulations for athletes to follow if they want to participate in the games. There will be a requirement for athletes to take a negative COVID 19 test twice, within 96 hours before they touch down in Japan and have to quarantine for three days. Athletes will have to report their daily temperatures by using an app they have to download.

Athletes will be tested daily. During any type of events, athletes can not hug or high five each other and have to social distance even when they are eating. Participants can not tour the city and will have to limit any type of travel around the city. They are required to wear face coverings the entire time.

Last but not least, foreign media will be tracked by GPS to make sure that they do not go in areas where they are not credentialed for. If they do, they are at risk of getting their credentialed pulled.

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