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Raiders give DE Maxx Crosby massive contract extension

March 11th remains an important day for Raiders Defensive End Maxx Crosby. It’s a day so significant that he got it tattooed on his flesh. It was two years ago on this day Crosby checked himself into a rehab center for his drinking. Since that day in 2020 Crosby has completely turned his life around and the 24 year old has transformed himself into one of the most dominant young defenders in all of the NFL. “It's crazy. My fiancée sent me a picture [of myself from] two years ago today. The look on my face and how much different I looked, I didn't even recognize that person. But just two years later, I have the ability to not only take care of myself forever, but my kids and my dogs.”

It was Friday March 11th that Raiders rewarded Crosby’s new outlook on life and dominance with a brand new contract extension. He is reportedly getting $95 million in new money and $53 million in guaranteed money. Crosby’s story is inspirational and he is proof that if you dedicate yourself to being better those efforts will be rewarded. Crosby exploded in 2021 as he led the NFL in pressures. He made his first Pro Bowl and was named the defensive MVP of that game played at the Raiders’ home, Allegiant Stadium.

Re-signing Crosby was the first major move made in the new Raiders regime of Dave Ziegler and Josh McDaniels seeing him as a major building block moving forward..“The process was pretty fast, to be honest,”Crosby said “They wanted to get it done fast, we wanted to get it done fast. But it had to be right at the same time.“So, it’s a big credit to Dave Ziegler and coach McDaniels. They showed their commitment to me right away. They didn’t want to play any games. They told me everything you want to hear as a player when new coaches come in. They were awesome.”

There is a lot to build around with Crosby. He is a high energy high motor player. He doesn’t take plays off. Crosby had eight sacks in 2021 and he has 25 sacks in his three-year career. However, his sack numbers don't tell the whole story; it's his constant pressure on the quarterback.

Crosby said Friday he wants to remain with the Raiders for life and his goal is to make the Pro Football Hall of Fame. I want to keep doing it, keep getting better. Two years ago, mentally I was in a very bad place. Physically, I wasn't in a good place and I really had to reevaluate everything that I had going on. One of the main things of A.A. and the 12 Steps is not looking too far in the future and not looking too far in the past, worry about the 24 hours and taking it one day at a time. A lot of people think it's cliché and corny ... but it's only two years. I've got so many years ahead of me, not only in the league but as a human being. So, I just want to continue to get better as a man and as a player every single day."

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