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Quinn Synder participates in 12th annual Coaches Clinic

Newley Atlanta Hawks head coach Quinn Synder participated in the 12th annual Coaches Clinic on Wednesday

If you are not familiar with the Coaches clinic, it is a clinic where coaches from prep all the way to the pros have a chance to learn and develop their skills and techniques as coaches. Before the event started, there was a reception for the coaches where they were appreciated and awarded certain gifts from the Hawks' organization.

After the event was over, the coach's clinic showcased their appreciation for Synder as well as the Hawks' organization. This is what they had to say about the event. “We would like to express our gratitude to Coach Snyder and the entire Hawks coaching staff for leading the annual Coaches Clinic,” said Sr. Director of Hawks Basketball Academy Chris Jacobs. “As we continue to serve as a community asset, we hope that the local coaches in attendance left feeling energized, empowered and continue to build a solid foundation which will help them teach the game in a positive and enjoyable way to our city’s young athletes.”

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