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Phoenix Suns scorch OKC without KD in the line-up 132-101

Despite Kevin Durant slipping on a wet surface in practice and tweaking his ankle, the Suns took care of business against OKC.

As mentioned above, a few hours before tipoff, KD slipped on a wet surface in practice, injuring himself, which took him out of the line-up against OKC. You would think that the Thunder would make the game competitive a bit, without KD on the floor, but that was not the case. Devin Booker was on GOD mode the entire night. He filled up the stat line like it was nothing. Booker finished the game shooting 17 out of 23, 6 out of 10 from behind the arc, 3 rebounds, 4 assists, and 1 block to add to a total of 44 points.

Outside of the hot shooting from Booker, the Suns did a good job with getting easy inside baskets with Chris Paul hitting mid-range shots, as well as Deandre Ayton, combining for 30 points.

Phoenix built up a double digit lead by the third quarter and ended up resting their starters in the fourth. If you are a Phoenix Sun's fan, these last few weeks since getting KD, looks to be a different team. They have gotten better defensively, Booker is starting to heat up, and the Suns' role players have been very assertive. The Suns hold the number 4 seed, with Golden State breathing down their backs. With only 16 games left, Booker needs to continue to take over games to put his team in the best position for a deep playoff run.

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