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Ping Pong
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Patrick Mahomes hits Travis Kelce for the game winning score against the Raiders, 35-31

Kansas City- The Chiefs matched the Raiders touchdown for touchdown in a thrilling victory over Las Vegas.

In the second meeting between the two teams this season, the Chiefs wanted to get revenge on the Raiders for giving them their first loss of the season.

Early in the first quarter, the Chiefs found themselves in a 7-0 deficit, as the Raiders scored a touchdown in less than five minutes into the game. On the Chiefs' first drive, they went 14 plays for 85 yards to score a touchdown to tie up the game, 7-7. The Chiefs' defense allowed Derek Carr to stand in the pocket and deliver his second touchdown pass in the back of the endzone, 14-7.

Clyde Edwards- Helaire capped off another long Chiefs' drive with a touchdown run to tie up the game, 14-14. On the Raiders' next drive, the Chiefs' failed to stop Las Vegas from getting into the redzone, which resulted in a field goal to extend their lead to three, 17-14.

Kansas City was on the verge of tacking on more points before the half, but Mahomes threw his second interception of the season, at the three-yard line of the Raiders. At the end of the half, the Raiders was nursing a three point lead, 17-14.

The Chiefs took the lead for the first time in the game, as Helaire ran for a 14-yard touchdown midway in the third quarter, 21-17. However, it was short lived as the Raiders scored another touchdown at the end of the third quarter to take back the lead 24-21.

With under six minutes left in the game, the Chiefs scored another touchdown to take back the lead, 28-24. However the Chiefs' defense lost their cool late into the quarter and had three penalties that kept the Raiders' drive alive. Carr took advantage of the Chief's mistakes and hit Jason Witten for the one-yard touchdown score to take back the lead, 31-28.

Mahomes' magic continued as he calmly took his team down the field with under a minute left in regulation and hit Travis Kelce for the game winning touchdown, 35-31.

Mahomes finished with 348 yards, 2 touchdowns, and 1 interception .

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