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NFL will host a week of events in Africa

New York- The NFL will be bring a week long of activities to Africa.

With the expanding of the NFL, dipping its head into other countries like Mexico, Germany, and Africa, the league decided to bring more awareness to the brands that people are not too familiar with yet. The league announced that they were going to have a week long of events in Africa starting June 21st in Ghana. On that day, they will have a football camp, which will be the first time for the country.

"We look forward to hosting our first camp in Ghana and will look to activate in Nigeria and other African countries in the future," said Damani Leech, NFL Chief Operating Officer of International. "We want to provide an opportunity for the next generation of African prospects to showcase and further develop their talent. As we continue to look for ways to strengthen the pipeline of international players, we hope this camp, and future camps, provide a path for aspiring players from across the continent. Top talent from the camp could be invited to participate in International Combines, the International Player Pathway program, and for those athletes ages 16 to 19, there's the opportunity to attend the NFL Academy in London."

The NFL Network crew will be in attendance to share and highlight player's inspirational journey throughout the week.

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