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NASCAR will use COVID-19 detecting dogs in Atlanta

Atlanta, GA- NASCAR officials have decided to use an unique technique to decrease the amount of fans from spreading COVID-19.

NASCAR will be bringing in dogs that have the ability to detect if a person has COVID-19 symptoms. This unique method attempts to halt and stop the chances of a spread this week during the Atlanta Speedway Race.

"We think that these dogs and this capability is going to allow us to rapidly confirm that all of those people entering the essential footprint on Sunday, which are race teams, NASCAR officials, and vendors that work inside the garage. It will give us the chance to see if all those individuals are COVID-free or not," NASCAR managing director of racing operations Tom Bryant said.

The COVID-19 detecting dogs may be a new process for NASCAR, but the detecting dogs have been used at sports games before and it has worked.

Limited fans will be in attendance on Sunday.

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