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  • Tiffany Rigby

Miami Heat Vet returns

Udonis Haslem signed the 10th contract of his career with the Heat on Sunday, confirming that he will return for a 19th season. It is a one year deal worth about $2.8 million.

The basketball player would become only the fifth player to spend an entire career spanning at least 19 years with one franchise. Dirk Nowitzki spent all 21 of his NBA seasons with Dallas, Kobe Bryant spent 20 with the Los Angeles Lakers, Tim Duncan spent 19 with San Antonio and John Stockton spent 19 with Utah.

Haslem’s appearance last season was memorable. He scored four points, grabbed a rebound, drew a charge, was whistled for two technical fouls and got ejected against Philadelphia on May 13th all in a span of 2 minutes, 40 seconds.

“If this is the last one, I finished it the only way Udonis Haslem could with an ejection,” Haslem said that night.

Haslem has played just five games over the last two seasons, but the Heat consider him an

essential piece as he sets a positive example in practice for other players. Heat coach Erik Spoelstra considers him essential for how much the Miami native values the role of being the captain of his hometown team.

"Udonis Haslem has agreed to come back and play the game he loves so much," Heat president Pat Riley said in a release announcing the signing. "What he loves more than that is to be on the court teaching and competing against the world's best."

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