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Lebron James makes a statement in Game 3, as the Lakers secures a 112-102 victory

Orlando- Lebron James and Anthony Davis puts on a show in Game 3 to get a victory over the Houston Rockets, 112-102.

LeBron James was very productive in the first half. James was hitting jumpers, getting his teammates involved, and pushing the pace of the game. His counter partner in Anthony Davis had two quick fouls on him in the first quarter and had a slow start with getting himself going. Davis had 14 points at the end of the break. Outside of James, the Lakers' bench had trouble finding the bottom of the net, as they only scored 12 points in two quarters. James was keeping his team in the game as he scorched the Rockets with 29 points and cut the Rockets' lead to three at the end of the half, 64-61.

James cooled down in the second half offensively, but on the defensive end, he had a couple of blocks that sparked some fast break points for his team. The Lakers doubled teamed James Harden, which helped them out a lot, because the Rockets was not getting quality shots like they had in the first half. Key shots by Rajon Rondo helped spring a 15-5 run, which put the Lakers up in double figures in the fourth quarter. The Lakers' bench scored 40 points in the victory.

James finished the game with 36 points, 5 assists, and 7 rebounds. Davis finished the game with 26 points, 6 assists, and 15 boards. James hit a milestone as he becomes the All Time Leader in NBA Playoff Wins.

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