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Kayla Thornton signs extension with the Dallas Wings

Dallas- Wings' forward Kayla Thomas has decided to stay with the Wings and signed a multi-year extension with the team.

The Dallas Wings and Thomas has decided to keep their chemistry together and build together for a couple of more years. The Wings understand that Thornton continues to exceed expectations and they love having her on the floor.

“Kayla Thornton is a wonderful example of how hard work, determination and self-belief can produce great results,” Dallas Wings President and CEO Greg Bibb stated. “Kayla has willed her way from a free-agent signee struggling to stay in the League to one of the best, and most underrated, defenders in the WNBA while continuing to expand and improve her offensive game as well. We are thrilled to have Kayla make the decision to continue her career with the Dallas Wings and to be a big part of what we are building.”

Since 2017, Thornton has improved her shooting, rebounding, and free throw percentage, which has helped her team get w's in the win column. Despite a slow start last season, Thornton averaged 7.3 points per game and shot 87.5% from the free throw line.

“I am very blessed and excited to continue my career with the Wings,” Thornton stated. “I’m excited for what is to come with our team and I’m looking forward to working with Coach Johnson as our group strives to do something special together. Go Wings!”

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