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Jose Alvarado calls game after making a bet with Donovan Mitchell

With the game tied up and Team Gasol having the ball, Jose Alvarado called his number after making a bet with Donovan Mitchell on the sideline and hit a game winning three-pointer to propel Team Gasol over Team Joakim 25-20

The NBA decided to do something a bit different with the Jordan Rising Stars competition. Instead of having rookie's vs sophomores, they decided to split the teams into more of a tournament type of style. You had former players coaching four set of teams and whoever wins would face each other in a winner take all game. Team Gasol and Team Joakin advanced to the final round, where both teams were very competitive and intense. It came down to confidence and an open shot that Alvarado made. After it was said and done, Alvarado was the MVP for the Rising Stars Competition.

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