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How hot is Doc Rivers' seat after losing Game 7, 112-88 to the Celtics

Mother's Day was welcomed with an embrace with a Game 7 winner take all between the Celtics and 76ers.

The 7ers jumped out to an eight-point lead and kept that lead majority of the first half, but the Celtics tightened their grip on the game defensively and went on a 20-10 run to take their first lead of the game. Mid-way in the second quarter, you had some mini scuffles, controversial calls, and a lot of defense from both teams. Philadelphia let Jayson Tatum catch fire and he scorched them for 25 to finish the half. The 76ers walked into the half, shooting 44% from the field and was only down 55-52.

Philadelphia needed James Harden to be that elite guy that they know he can be in the second half. He had a bunch of turnovers and only had six points heading into the third quarter, so the 76ers needed him to help Joel Embiid to bring it home for them.

Well, the 76ers looked like they were punched in the mouth, coming out of the gate in the third quarter. The Celtics were the aggressor and went on a 12-4 run to extend their lead to double digits. It was to the point that Philadelphia was taking "heaven" shots and hoping that they would land as the Celtics went up 20 and never let up. The 7ers had no answer for the Celtics and their superb three-point shooting. Philadelphia would go on to blow two games and lose the series, which puts Doc Rivers' head coaching job on the line.

Rivers has had success with getting this team to the playoffs, but somewhere down the line, the process was halted. Moving forward, Philadelphia has find some type of offense outside of Embiid and Harden might be on his way out. It will be an instresting off season for the 76ers.

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