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Floyd Mayweather Jr and Logan Paul preview

Miami, FL- On June 6th, the undefeated 50-0 boxer Floyd “Money” Mayweather Jr, takes on Youtuber Logan Paul (0-1) in an exhibition match.

Mayweather’s last professional fight was against UFC fighter Conor McGregor in 2017. This is not new for him. The only difference is Paul is five inches taller and about 50 pounds heavier. “Boxing has weight classes for a reason” said Paul in an interview earlier in the week. This match could go either way.

Mayweather is known for his great defense and footwork. It looks as if he is dancing in the ring most fights. His IQ is through the roof when it comes to boxing. Being 50-0 is no joke. Mayweather gets most of his wins by breaking his opponents down. He takes the first two rounds usually to scope his opponent, to see their moves and windups. After that its over for his opponents.

The only thing is, Mayweather tends to win a lot by going to the distance. In this exhibition there are eight three-minute rounds with no judges. This benefits Paul big time. While Mayweather has that knockout power still, he is more of a skilled fighter over power.

Paul has very little experience in the ring. His one professional fight was against another youtuber, KSI. That fight ended in a loss for Paul in the sixth round. Since that loss, we have seen Paul training with professional boxers and celebrities such as, Ryan Garcia and the Gronkowski brothers.

From the looks of it, Paul is way bigger and potentially stronger than Mayweather. While Mayweather stands at 5’8, Paul is 6’2. This difference could either break or make Paul in this fight.

Each fighter has some advantages and disadvantages. Mayweather has the experience, the skills, and they will be using 10-ounce gloves. While Paul has the height, weight, maybe the power? This fight will be more exciting than most people think. Many questions will be answered; Will we see Pretty boy Floyd again with a knockout or Will Paul upset the 50-0 future Hall of Famer? All these questions will be answered on Sunday June 6th, in Miami at Hard Rock Stadium on Pay-Per View at 8 P.M EST on Showtime.

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