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  • Chappell Wilson

Drake announces his 2024 tour alongside J. Cole

On Monday morning, Drake sent shockwaves through the hip-hop community as he announced his it’s all a blur tour that will have J Cole as well for most of the tour dates. The tour will start in the Rocky Mountains of Denver, Colorado, at the top of the new year on January 18th. The tour includes several double dates, including the first stop in Denver, but surprisingly, thus far, there are no stops in Los Angeles or Miami.

There are no guarantees on what exact dates J. Cole will be performing, but he’ll be expected at most venues. The tour will conclude in Birmingham, Alabama, on March 27th, and the tour will also include rescheduled dates from Drake's tour last year. Cash App will be providing a pre-sale for tickets on November 15th, and normal ticket sales will start on November 17th. This now-well-anticipated tour will be two months long and full of sold-out shows, most likely.

This collaboration may inspire other A-list artists to come together and create a new wave in rap culture. J. Cole's last tour was in 2021, so fans will be ecstatic to see him back on the road again, and this time he’ll be with Drake! These two all-time great rappers will have the rap community in the palm of their hands for the two months that they’re going to be on tour. Fans across the country will be running to buy these tickets and filling up the arena's capacity throughout the entire tour.

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