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Deontay Wilder wants the world to know that this fight between Tyson Fury will be different

Vegas- On Tuesday, Deontay Wilder and Tyson Fury had their opening presser for the trilogy fight between the two and he had a lot to say.

Wilder told members of the media that they were going to see a different side of him and how he fights Fury this time around. In the first two fights, Fury dominated Wilder, but one ended in a draw and the other one ended in Fury handing Wilder his first loss of his career, as well as took the heavyweight championship belt from him.

Wilder has had over a year to think about the mistakes that he made in the second fight and has repeatedly stated that he is focused and will be prepared to fight fury. “I’ve been training non-stop during the pandemic and I’ve been building. All this time between fights is going to be good for me and bad for him. I’ve had nothing but time to progress,"said Wilder.

After Wilder loss his fight last year, he fired one of his trainers and added Sugarhill Stewart to help him improve. For right now, it seems like Stewart and Wilder's chemistry are aligned. "The amount of time me and Tyson have had together since joining forces hasn’t changed anything. Our chemistry has always been there. The only thing is, is that over that time, he now has the power to knock a man out with one punch," said Stewart.

“I’m glad he’s added that kind of power to go with his boxing skills and IQ. He now has the one-punch knockout power. He just needs to land that one punch.”

If Wilder has improved his boxing technique, it should be an intriguing fight for everyone to see July 24 on Pay Per View.

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