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Chris Paul and the Suns will be shinning in the NBA Finals, as they defeat the Clippers 130-103

Phoenix, AZ- The Suns take care of business and hand the Clippers their packing letters.

After a disappointing loss on Monday, the Suns attempted to redeem themselves in Game 6 to close out the series. Chris Paul came out the gate and scored six points and three assists in 10 minutes to set the tone for the Suns early on. After Paul sat down for a quick break, the Suns extend their lead to eight, but let it slip to four at the end of the first quarter.

In the second quarter, the Suns exploited the Clippers defense by using pick and roll action leaving DeMarcus Cousins on an island. Phoenix was getting easy lay-ups or wide open three point shots, because Cousins was leaving the paint open on a switch. At the end of break the Suns led 66-57.

Suns blew the game out the door in the second half, by stopping the Clippers on the defensive end and letting Devin Booker control the game. Booker was attacking LA each time he got the ball in his hands. At one point, Phoenix was up by 18 but let the lead slip late into the third. The Suns went on a 14-2 run to finish up the quarter with a double digit lead.

Paul stamped his name on the fourth, as he erupted with 16 points in the quarter to keep the Clippers at bay. The Suns went on to close out the series and will be going to the NBA Finals.

Paul finished with 41 points and 8 assists.

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