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Chiefs escapes Dolphins second half comeback 21-14

Coming off their worst loss against Denver, the Kansas City Chiefs wanted to get back to playing Chiefs football and send a message directly to the AFC. For the first time in NFL history, a game in Germany was played and the Chiefs would be playing the flying Dolphins.

There were many storylines heading into the game, but the two headlines that stuck with the Chiefs were stopping Tyreek Hill and not allowing him to be a factor and not turning the ball over. Patrick Mahomes has put up some great numbers this season, but he has been a turnover machine. He has 15 touchdowns along with 8 picks.

Kansas City had a great start to the game, scoring in five plays to strike quick and hit the Fins on their skin. You would think that the way they came out, the Chiefs' offense would run up the score by the end of the break. Kansas City' offense stalled majority of the half until three minutes left in the half. They scored two touchdowns, one on a 13-play drive, which took up eight minutes, got a defensive touchdown on a Hill fumble, and held the league's leading offense scoreless at the end of the break.

Things changed rapidly for the Chiefs in the second half. After the Dolphins got on the board with a touchdown, Mahomes fumbled the ball, which gave Miami basically free points. Once again, a turnover kept an opposing team in the game. Chris Jones and that Chiefs' defense had some huge plays down the stretch to keep Miami out of the endzone to escape with a victory.

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